The schedule from the 2016 DBMI/HST Summer Institute in Biomedical Informatics is shown below. We will publish the 2017 schedule as soon as it becomes available.

Students spend all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in lab and Monday and Wednesday after class in lab, except where related offerings are of interest. Note, some classes do NOT observe the Monday/Thursday regular schedule. Lab times are not shown here.

Week 1   
Friday, June 109:00–10:00Introduction; Precision MedicineKohane
 10:00–11:00Introduction & OrientationChurchill
 12:00–1:30WELCOME LUNCH/Admin. Set-upGroup
Week 2   
Monday, June 1311:00–12:00No in-class Scientific Comm. ClassJhaveri
Tuesday, June 149:30–10:30Next Generation Sequencing AnalyticsPark
 12:00–1:00Future of Clinical Decision SupportTeich
Thursday, June 169:30–10:30Treasure HuntKohane
 11:00–12:00Single Cell GenomicsKharchenko
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerKharchenko
 3:00–4:00Microbiome Analysis of Human Gut & the OceanBork
Week 3   
Monday, June 209:30–10:30Personalized MedicineChurch
 11:00–12:30Comm. Tutorial: How to Write an IntroJhaveri
Wednesday, June 229:00–5:00Precision Medicine 2016 Conference 
Thursday, June 239:30–10:30Mining Large Data Sets: CV DiseaseManrai
 11:00–12:00Cancer GenomicsGolub
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerGolub
Week 4   
Monday, June 279:30–10:30Case Study: Rheumatoid ArthritisLiao
 11:00–12:30Comm. Tutorial: How to Write MethodsJhaveri
Thursday, June 309:30–10:30Generating actionable evidence from healthcare dataSchneeweiss
 11:00–12:00Informatics Apps for BedsideMandl
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerMandl
 5:30–7:30Harvard Medical School Summer Programs Dinner for Summer Students
Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Karp, PhD
Week 5   
Tuesday, July 59:30–10:30Deciphering the Genome: Community Driven ApproachesRehm
 11:00–12:00Evolutionary GeneticsSunyaev
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerSunyaev
Thursday, July 79:30–10:30Network MedicineSilverman
 11:00–12:00Mining Large Data Sets: Provider DataPalmer
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerPalmer
Week 6   
Monday, July 11 9:30–10:30GI: GWASDaly
 11:00–12:30Comm. Tutorial: How to Write ResultsJhaveri
Wednesday, July 1310:00–11:00Case Study: Irritable Bowel SyndromeAnanthakrishnan
Thursday, July 149:30–10:30Meta AnalysisRaychaudhuri
 11:00–12:00Mining Large Data Sets: Visualization ToolsGehlenborg
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerGehlenborg
Week 7   
Monday, July 189:30–10:30TBN 
 11:00–12:30Comm. Tutorial: How to Write Discussion & ConclusionsJhaveri
Thursday, July 219:30–10:30Biostatistics      Cai
 11:00–12:00Autism  (?)Kohane
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerKohane
Week 8   
Week of July 25 Meet with Comm. Instructor as needed 
Monday, July 259:30–10:30  
 11:00–12:00Comm. Tutorial: How to write Title and Abstract; and Effective Oral PresentationJhaveri
Thursday, July 289:30–10:30Population SurveillanceBrownstein
 11:00–12:00Environmental Wide Assoc. Studies (EWAS)Patel
 12:00–1:30LUNCH with speakerPatel
Week 9   
Monday, August 18:30–1:00Presentations RehearsalJhaveri
Wednesday, August 38:30–12:45PRESENTATIONSALL